Technical Management Services


This service is designed for shipping companies with a small fleet or larger companies that expanded rapidly and cannot provide the necessary resources.

Having in house technical and ISM department costs more than outsourcing it to our company. This is possible because we will spread personnel resources with vessels from other companies reducing the management / administration cost per vessel.
Furthermore, your company can benefit from our long experience in technical matters. Also we have a large amount of information flowing in to our company due to the fact that we are in daily contact with large number of clients. So you can benefit from the lessons learned of others by sharing crucial information and help you make the correct management decisions.

Our management and class past experience will ensure that your vessel is running without technical problems and port state control delays.

Certification & Classification services

The certification and classification services includes the following:
• Follow up all certificates, conditions of class or deficiencies issued by the classification, administration or port state control. Make sure that all deficiencies where dealt with within due dates.
• Organise surveys and verify that all certificates are endorsed within the allowable time window.
• Handle correspondence with classification societies.
• Inform owners regarding new regulations applicable to their type of vessels and organise implementation.

ISM implementation and day to day follow up

We can either follow up your existing ISM system or implement ours.
In both cases we can:
• Follow up the system, monthly check the incoming forms and confirm that the company operates according with approved ISM Manual.
• Follow up of Non Conformities and Port State Control deficiencies related to ISM.
• Perform internal audits.
• Attend the annual external audit
• Perform Risk assessment and implement it accordingly.

To conclude we can either perform the above services on a follow up, consultant basis and undertake unofficial DPA duties, or appoint our staff as DPA or even you can outsource completely the ISM and have our company as ISM managers displayed in vessels certificates.

Planned maintenance system

We will implement a planned maintenance system for the vessels of your company.
Planed maintenance system could be on a bases of machinery running hours, at fixed time intervals or both.
The planned maintenance system is implemented according to manufacturers guidelines. It is also done in connection with ISM.
We will collect periodically the running hours of machinery items and we will inform the shipping company what items are due for inspection or overhaul.
Detailed instructions of the items to be inspected or overhauled will be provided to the vessel. Also in connection with the ISM reporting system the inspections reports will be reviewed and if further action is required, the managers will be informed accordingly.

Day to Day follow up and troubleshooting

Our staff will follow up all necessary machinery parameters in regular intervals in order to ensure the continues and troubles free vessels operation. If vessel runes in to problems we will provide to the vessel all necessary technical support in order to resolve the problem. This could be either technical guidelines, spare parts, experts or superintendents attendance.

Spare parts services

We can offer the following services either complete or partly:
• Collect quotations for spare parts.
• Either report to management company to reach a decision or we can act based on a pre agreed budget.
• Organise forwarding of the parcel.
• Follow up with vessels that spare parts have been received on board.
• Collect feed buck from vessel regarding quality of spare parts for future reference.
• We can offer spare parts inventory services. We collect through the ISM forms with spare parts used during planned maintenance or unscheduled repairs and update our data base with the incoming spare parts. Owners can have a complete picture of what spare parts are available on board in order to minimise supply of new spare parts only to the necessary thus minimising cost.

Vessels inspection and attendance / supervision during dry docking

We can offer superintendent services to shipping companies on a need to have bases.

Having subscribed to the above monthly services we can provide an experienced superintendent with a daily fee in a fraction of what consultants charge. The cost is similar to an in house superintendent without having to pay monthly salaries.