NDT Welding Inspections MPI & UT

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Our company has highly qualified and experienced staff that can detect surface defects on weldings, plates or machinery components. Our staff Level II certified according with SNT-TC-1A standard using Magnetic Particle Inspections (M.P.I) method or with dye penetrants.

A detailed report including drawings with positions of detected defects is given to the customer that will allow him to perform accurate rectification. Also we can offer supervision during repair in order to ensure that defect has been rectified sufficiently.

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Weldings inspection with the method of ultrasound to detect defects within the welding seam.
Our surveyors are continuously trained and are Level II certified according with SNT-TC-1A standard for UT.
Our expert knowledge of the vessels hull structure combined with the required NDT skills delivers the optimum result to our customers.

For customers references please contact our office.